No More Horses: An Emotional Journey of Media Preference

So has you may have probably noticed, I closed the asks boxes on all my ask blogsI also haven’t updated in months but that’s really hard to notice, am I rite?

So here is the deal: I am done with being a “Brony” and Ponies. 
Why? Well, I stopped liking the show because my tastes have shifted towards more adult oriented media (AKA: Breaking Bad and Dark Souls) and MLP:FiM doesn’t do a good job of being a family (all ages) oriented show (at least in my opinion). Also the fandon is shit, oops did I just say that out loud?

Also, it was ask-theponydoctor’s 1 year anniversary 3 months ago… shit. 

It was a great 15 month run, and I am greatful to all those who followed me and all the friends I have made during this time, also my girlfriend who I met because of this and who I have been with for 7 months and still going strong. She helped me through a though time of my life when I had depression and social anxiety. I don’t know where I would have been if I never met her. Love you Katie!
Why am I making this all emotional and shit cause it’s really not.

Sadly for those who enjoyed my content, that means that all my pony related blogs are gonna be DEAD.


That is good news cause I can be even more lazy now focus and school and my social life that totally exists.
I will still be drawing and such, just not ponies. If you are interested in my future endeavours, follow my new mod blog here. I’ll probably be making other blogs in the future, if anyone is interested.

So yeah, I am done. See you guys whenever the fuck I feel like using my expensive Wacom Intous5 tablet to put lines and colors in a coherent alignment.

Thank you all for 2,000+ Followers on Echoes and 740+ followers on Fivey!Yes, it’s a double special, shut up. I’m not lazy.

Thank you all for 2,000+ Followers on Echoes and 740+ followers on Fivey!

Yes, it’s a double special, shut up. I’m not lazy.


Answers #2

Well, this is new.

I am getting ‘text messages’?!

Answers #1

Alone again…
Another one, that this time I left. It was a hard decision…
I realize I shouldn’t of put on such a display, even if her mistakes caused enormous dismay. 
An echo in the back of my mind prompted me to such anger… 
It happened one before, and that ended a race of parasites. 

I am ashamed of

(( You can now ask questions! ))

Reboot time everybody!

Yes folks, after a long time debating with myself, I decided to reboot this blog, start anew.

Mainly because the story became a cluster fuck for me, what I wanted to do started contradicting earlier posts and a lot of the early content on this blog was subpar at best.

One of the main factors was the failed collaboration with askponymaster, which turned out terrible and I had to jump over it, which I think caused a lot of confusion. 

Anyways, this blog will now be known as:

Why Echoes? You’ll see, don’t worry.

Now, in this reboot I will follow a similar story structure has a did previously, with a few changes of course, one of them being Ponydoc’s personality.
There will be Octavia, don’t worry! 

I do realize I should’ve asked you guys beforehand, but hey, it’s my blog, I do what I want.

Also, the old content isn’t lost, I archived it! You can find it here